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Beverley Thomas

Beverley Thomas

Cayuga- Wolf Clan




Beverley Thomas is of the Cayuga Band of Six Nations, wolf clan.  Born in Buffalo N.Y., and now is residing in Niagara Falls Ontario since 1999.  Bev was raised between the Buffalo N.Y. and Brantford Ontario areas.  Being back and forth between the United States and Canada throughout her life she has witnessed many different social and cultural differences.  This has influenced her creative process.  She enjoys all elements of her culture and feels that she portrays that through her art.


At a young age she was surrounded and influenced by her family.  Her mother, Lorna Hill was an active participant in the revitalization of the Iroquois beadwork technique and her brother Samuel Thomas is also known for his style.  It was Sam who taught her how to make moccasins at a young age.  She continues to make them and has since created her own unique style of decorating them.


Bev attended Niagara County Community College in Sanborn N.Y.  In 1986 Ms. Thomas graduated from the field of Fine Arts receiving a meritorious Associate in Science Degree.  From there she continued her education in the field of Graphic Communication to complete her certificate in Graphic Arts.


Beverley’s development as a multi-disciplined artist began in her college years.  She concentrated in painting and it is currently her main focus as a way of expressing herself through art. Oil on canvas her medium of choice.  She is influenced by her mood, emotions, and thoughts or by current issues in her life.  Overall she feels that she combines tradition and roots into a more contemporary abstract style.  Bev’s first exhibition was at the Annual Student Exhibit at Niagara County Community College in 1984, and has continued to exhibit throughout the years.  Beverley has received numerous awards for her art and photography.


She continues to support herself through leather works and beadwork and specifically moccasin making. Her overall goal is to achieve recognition as an Aboriginal artist of North America.

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